Imagine this…… :'(

Ok here’s the thing just now, imagine calling ur 13 yr old kid back as he rushed for the train grinning and carrying on (not a care in the world) with his pal and there’s me having a laugh with them, then all of a sudden I’m shouting him back and haggling with him to change his top! Why says u? WHY?! Because he has put on a Scotland football top (he is not a kid who ever looks in the mirror, this is what he has found and shoved on without any thought) so why have I called him back?! Because he is heading into his drama group in the city centre, because he is going to hang out with his pal in town for a wee while afterwards, because wearing that top might highlight him as a being on the YES side! Anyone who knows me knows I am not a worrier I happily and joyously love my kids having their independence and watch them thrive with that trust, it never ever occurs to me that bad stuff might happen to them it really does not, I’m often the one forgetting to keep in touch with them and touch base not the other way round! I think media scaremongering and helicopter parenting is god awful! BUT there is tension and ugliness in Glasgow right now and this has really made me pause for thought, do I want to live here anymore?! I did not grow up with this, my kids are growing up with it, is this what I want for them to have in their lives, really?! Do I move back to where I grew up or just out get away from the west coast and the bigotry?! Right now I am so so sad. Thoughts?!!


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