From Glasgow with love……my final indeyref post (eh well before the vote is done anyway!)

Ok i’ll be voting later on today, what can I say to any undecideds, only this, that I have engaged and talked to lots and lots of folk, out on my dog walks, at doors that I go to when I’m working, with friends and acquaintances. I truly hope that I have not in any way made anyone feel intimidated because I am a YES. I have been honest I have journeyed from a no to a don’t know to a yes, I made this journey because I took time to read and listen an look stuff up and pay very little attention to politicians on both sides! I have been compelled to blog for the first time ever (having sworn there’s a book in here bursting to come out for 20 odd years and have a blogger a/c for years lying blank) BUT here’s one significant thing that I have noticed for sure, there is a huge silent NO out there, some say they have been afraid or unwilling to say they are a no, others are just doing their thing and don’t want to talk about it and that’s all fine, but I can’t help but see that while there have been very sure no folk and indeed yes folk all along it is the very sure NO folk who are totally uninterested in listening or researching anything, admirable to me that they are so incredibly sure of their stance but so sad and shortsighted too. The many who have become YES voters and shocked the polls were once undecided or NO, they have been brave and willing to research, talk, listen and engage fully to come to an informed decision.
I really will feel so cheated if no wins by a margin and the reason it does is because so many of the no voters have been no from day one and not once looked to educate themselves, find out more and have a proper serious soul search and conversation with themselves and thus be open and willing to listen and perhaps switch sides! Of course the same can be said for the 100% YES (from day one voters) but we know that the YES side was in the minority and has increased, this can only be coming from undecideds and former no voters who have educated themselves become disillusioned with the NO side. Andy Murray has come out and said the negative and disingenuous NO campaign has swung it for him, economically he has no personal worries so perhaps no need for him to decide based on real facts. If many YES folk have come because the NO campaign hacked them off, well that’s great too but voting YES to me is not because a campaign has won me over it is because I really truly with all my heart and head believe YES is right for Scotland and the rest of the UK! Please if u’re truly undecided as u hover with ur pen over the boxes to tick, don’t swing towards the NO say f**k it and tick the YES please?!!!


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