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Bewitched, bothered and bewildered!

Hey ho

Right here’s the thing it’s day 3 after the referendum and I still feel odd, I know that is not the right word but I have no other word, no-one I love has died, is ill or been hurt, the weather is pretty good for this time of year, the kids are in good form (for a Monday) Strictly Come Dancing starts very soon and I have a vested interest, it is incredibly exciting to have a pal actually in the show!!! I am loving the new Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi and so too is my 10 year old who was unsure as he had bonded with the lovely Matt Smith’s doctor! Does anyone else think Clara Oswald looks a little like Kate Midleton? I thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVD “About Time” with Domhnall Gleeson on Friday night, a movie that many would balk at as another one of Richard Curtis’s quirky english romantic comedies. And everything is almost like it was before. And yet everything, absolutely everything, is not like it was before! I feel so sad, utterly bereft and robbed, you see I was carried along and involved up to my oxters in the huge and positive YES momentum and truly sincerely believed “this was it” Scotland would vote in favour and 3 days on we’d be dealing with this as the reality, but no we’re not. I am not going to write here about the masses of communications since then, the vote rigging accusations, the ugliness in Glasgow the next couple of nights, the resignation of Salmond, the disarray now amongst the 3 amigos from Westminster about the promises they made. Equally I have no doubt that a YES vote would have also left the country in disarray with many no voters feeling as I do now.

If YES had won it would have been incredibly close so the NO camp would be feeling gutted etc and we would still be facing a divided country with a similar amount of people feeling robbed/cheated etc. I imagine there would have been even more trouble on the streets of Glasgow and likely elsewhere. However I am perplexed and sad that when I posted about a personal unhappy moment when I felt the need to call my kid back to change his Scotland top (he didn’t by the way) ¬†someone misunderstood what I wrote and felt that it was anti-Scottish/Glasgow and that I was blaming the NO camp for the ugliness that erupted in Glasgow after the result, which I most definitely wasn’t, it is true these lowlifes were using the no vote as an excuse to display their bigotry and hatred but there are lowlifes on both sides and hatred and bigotry is worldwide. Again my personal experience has been it is very more prevalent in Glasgow and the west coast due to it’s history but that doesn’t make me anti-Glasgow or Scotland!

Since Saturday I have seen some posts with words along the lines of “ok done and dusted, time to shake hands, congratulate the winners, move on together etc…..” and of course for all decent folk who still want the best for Scotland this is the best way to go, however please realise that some of us on the losing side who believed and campaigned passionately will need some time (ok I know that I will, I can’t talk for anyone else but evidence would suggest there are others out there like me?) So I think there needs to be a little bit of kindness and patience shown to us who are not quite ready to tear down our YES signs, put it all away and accept the outcome and gallantly move forward. Clearly many have now become politically engaged and are viewing this as a continuing goal and are even more galvanised on the back of valid outrage at the shenanigans of a biased media and the elite in Westminster. There is some talk that there are quite a few folk regretting their no vote as it looks as if the hasty promises of the Westminster 3 and Gordon Brown etc were just that, hasty promises and it will be in no way straightforward to implement these promises. I get there is a palpable relief amongst many on the NO side but no-one can deny there is a flatness in the air a sense of loss, a sense of “is that it?” “what now?” is it business as usual?!

Personally I foresee that the last minute Westminster promises will falter or at the very least take interminably long to implement and be agreed upon and the folk that were undecided and swung to no on the back of these will be outraged enough next time to grab the opportunity that only being fully Independent can give. However in saying that Scotland is very clearly almost half and half split between those who do and always will want to be part of the UK and those who don’t. So even if at some point down the line YES becomes the reality there will be huge numbers of unhappy folk like I am now. I like to think that an Independent Scotland will relatively quickly prove to be a better, happier, more equal and just society to live and that relations with the rest of the UK will also be so much better that many on the NO side will be won over but one only has to look over to Northern Ireland to see that on both sides there are those that will stick stubbornly to their beliefs and what they hold true come hell or high water.

For me I am going to go along to events that are for folk like me, the aftermath, the “what next?’ the bewildered the “I now regret voting no” ‘the as yet still undecideds!” I believe I will join a party that sees Independence as a most important goal and hopefully this will give me a purpose a positive endeavour. I hope to engage with other YES folk as this will make me smile some, but I hope to engage with many of the still undecideds or soft no’s, maybe even some hard no’s, anyone really who is willing to be a bit open and discuss and debate. On both sides I hope kindness prevails there is no “I told you so” no backlash. We all live in Scotland and love this place and want the best for us all don’t we? We disagree on how to achieve this but the onus is on all of us to stay engaged and informed, to not expect mainstream media to provide all or indeed any of the truth/answers and not have a bias, there is bias everywhere but it is possible to access facts and figures and intelligent educated people sharing what they know without a vested economic elite interest. I am going to try hard not to be a total bore on my social media but I’m not making any promises. I appreciate many voted on either side without ever posting a thing as that is how they played it. I however became so galvanised that I considered it vital to share anything I thought would help inform folk and help them decide and look in the right places for information that was impossible to find in the more biased mainstream places and I am not going to apologise for that as folk can easily unfriend/block etc if they are not interested. I got plenty of feedback that folk were liking my passion and posts and I am happy that some voted YES on the back of me and that is incredibly affirming. I do of course hope that I haven’t alienated any good friends who were voting NO but I don’t believe I have. Instead I’ve had some nice messages just asking am I ok and that they feel for me as they know I was so passionate but I did not step over that line to be intimidating with it!

I was talking with David (the hubby) about how I had never experienced anything akin to this ever as it has been a totally unique thing for me, he spoke about the General Election of 1992 where the Tories got back in and just how utterly devastated the majority in Scotland were and so began this road as Scotland became more and more distanced from Westminster. I have been watching Russell Brand The Trews for sometime and I can’t fault much of what he says on many of the current world situations, he is also very entertaining and I am glad of any light relief! I swear i just hope he doesn’t come to some sticky end as he is gaining traction in a big way as so many of us are so utterly fed up with how our countries are being run and the incredible imbalance that exists.

So yeah time to sign off, I can’t wait to go along to “after the referendum….” this evening in Glasgow with Lesley Riddoch and some other lovely clever folk and let’s just see where this road goes.



Imagine this…… :'(

Ok here’s the thing just now, imagine calling ur 13 yr old kid back as he rushed for the train grinning and carrying on (not a care in the world) with his pal and there’s me having a laugh with them, then all of a sudden I’m shouting him back and haggling with him to change his top! Why says u? WHY?! Because he has put on a Scotland football top (he is not a kid who ever looks in the mirror, this is what he has found and shoved on without any thought) so why have I called him back?! Because he is heading into his drama group in the city centre, because he is going to hang out with his pal in town for a wee while afterwards, because wearing that top might highlight him as a being on the YES side! Anyone who knows me knows I am not a worrier I happily and joyously love my kids having their independence and watch them thrive with that trust, it never ever occurs to me that bad stuff might happen to them it really does not, I’m often the one forgetting to keep in touch with them and touch base not the other way round! I think media scaremongering and helicopter parenting is god awful! BUT there is tension and ugliness in Glasgow right now and this has really made me pause for thought, do I want to live here anymore?! I did not grow up with this, my kids are growing up with it, is this what I want for them to have in their lives, really?! Do I move back to where I grew up or just out get away from the west coast and the bigotry?! Right now I am so so sad. Thoughts?!!

From Glasgow with love……my final indeyref post (eh well before the vote is done anyway!)

Ok i’ll be voting later on today, what can I say to any undecideds, only this, that I have engaged and talked to lots and lots of folk, out on my dog walks, at doors that I go to when I’m working, with friends and acquaintances. I truly hope that I have not in any way made anyone feel intimidated because I am a YES. I have been honest I have journeyed from a no to a don’t know to a yes, I made this journey because I took time to read and listen an look stuff up and pay very little attention to politicians on both sides! I have been compelled to blog for the first time ever (having sworn there’s a book in here bursting to come out for 20 odd years and have a blogger a/c for years lying blank) BUT here’s one significant thing that I have noticed for sure, there is a huge silent NO out there, some say they have been afraid or unwilling to say they are a no, others are just doing their thing and don’t want to talk about it and that’s all fine, but I can’t help but see that while there have been very sure no folk and indeed yes folk all along it is the very sure NO folk who are totally uninterested in listening or researching anything, admirable to me that they are so incredibly sure of their stance but so sad and shortsighted too. The many who have become YES voters and shocked the polls were once undecided or NO, they have been brave and willing to research, talk, listen and engage fully to come to an informed decision.
I really will feel so cheated if no wins by a margin and the reason it does is because so many of the no voters have been no from day one and not once looked to educate themselves, find out more and have a proper serious soul search and conversation with themselves and thus be open and willing to listen and perhaps switch sides! Of course the same can be said for the 100% YES (from day one voters) but we know that the YES side was in the minority and has increased, this can only be coming from undecideds and former no voters who have educated themselves become disillusioned with the NO side. Andy Murray has come out and said the negative and disingenuous NO campaign has swung it for him, economically he has no personal worries so perhaps no need for him to decide based on real facts. If many YES folk have come because the NO campaign hacked them off, well that’s great too but voting YES to me is not because a campaign has won me over it is because I really truly with all my heart and head believe YES is right for Scotland and the rest of the UK! Please if u’re truly undecided as u hover with ur pen over the boxes to tick, don’t swing towards the NO say f**k it and tick the YES please?!!!

It’s the final countdown!!!! Sincere apologies if this song is now in yer heid for the rest of the day!! ;)

YES/NO whatever, OK I am going to try very very hard to not post another single thing about Scotland indyref on de “soshall meeja” before Thursday. I am not saying 100% I won’t as what might come up that simply compels me to comment well who knows and I am prone to spontaneous outbursts with very little thought. It is clear there are many who have always been NO and many who have always been YES, both sides can, have and will find articles and information on either side to back up and confirm their viewpoint and yet until the result is final so much will remain unknown and there can be no guarantees by politicians on both sides. There are educated, intelligent, articulate, experienced people on both sides believing passionately in their side. I have been honest and said it’s been a journey for me from (an uninformed) no, to unsure, to yes and even still I cannot say I am unshakeably 100% positive. I truly admire those who are and can be! I am saddened that people have and do feel intimidated on both sides, that there is ugliness, that there is bias where there shouldn’t be. But it was always going to be thus, we are only human and humans can be ugly, mean and bullying and full of their own self interest. I can only hope that next Friday much of the ugliness on both sides disappears as quickly as it appeared and Scotland picks up and runs with the “winning” ball regardless, to quite simply make it a better place for everyone! I wholeheartedly agree with Billy Bragg and others that England, Wales and Northern Ireland have a great opportunity to now push for more control themselves and drive for self-determination and fairness. I consider that we all need to put a distance between us and the Elite politics, banks and corporations of greedy Metropolitan Westminster. In a nutshell we all need to care more for each other, be kinder, more connected and less selfish and reach out to everyone less well off than us (I don’t just mean financially although clearly that is hugely relevant) It’s the vulnerable among us, it’s the underclass that exists all over the UK all over the western world all over the world, it’s the disgusting imbalance of rich getting richer, middle and lower income struggling so hard to have a decent standard of living for their families and then there are the folk with literally NOTHING, no life, no hope for them or their kids. Communities together, smaller is clearly better, where people really can see that they can make a difference daily in their lives. We know there are complete idiots and arse-holes and nasty people and criminals and on and on and all we see on media day in day out is the ugly often barbaric and truly evil side of humans. However I believe humans are inherently kind and good if they are shown kindness and goodness and treated well and fair from early on and as they grow up they want to share this. Am I wrong and totally naive to believe this? People want to laugh and share and feel they belong, support each other through bad times and enjoy good times. Voting YES is not to SPLIT the union, is not anti-english and selfishly run out on our neighbours and cherry pick what we want etc, voting NO is not to say we don’t want change and want to stay dominated by an elite Westminster Government nor that we don’t love our country and want the very best for it. Good people on both sides want good and better things for us all, don’t they? So afterwards PLEASE let these be the folk that come together and make the good things happen. The UK and the whole world looking on will benefit hugely from what Scotland has awoken to, a timely hopefully not too late reminder of what is truly important in life! To my shame I know Irish history well but I do not know world history very well, but seriously when ever has a country potentially achieved Independence or not without blood shed and terrible hate and bitterness? We must appreciate this fact alone and rise above anyone on either side who want to make it about hate and fear and fighting and winning and losing. Personally I do want and believe in YES as potentially being the best result but much much more than that I want a change and I get the feeling folk on both sides want that too. Of course everyone who votes on a side wants to win¬†although it does sound like there are still some undecideds who may never feel sure of their vote no matter what and they are entitled to be that way too. But how about if we all passionately want the best long-term, kindest and fairest outcome, so win or lose I believe we can still get the best human outcome if we make that the most important issue after the result is announced?

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” Oscar Wilde